About Testudo

Testudo, the diamondback terrapin, is the official mascot of the University of Maryland and the core of Maryland’s spirit and pride! Testudo supports the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and all of the University’s varsity sports teams.

The following mascot candidates that have made it through the first round of Interview Tryouts. If your number is below, please contact the Spirit program trainer, Allie Boll at aboll@umd.edu. Please let her know that you are a new member of the mascot program and would like assistance in setting up a physical and sickle cell test. You will be contacted directly by Coach Little about the additional next steps once you get your physical.

**Participants: 2, 6, 7, 8, 9

Testudo is available for appearances both on and off campus. For Testudo appearance information, please e-mail: TerpsMascot@umd.edu. Proceeds generated from all appearances help fund the mascot program.

Interested Candidates

Students interested in trying out to be Testudo for the 2012-2013 school year must tryout via video. The video submission deadline is October 1, 2012 or until 50 applications are received. To apply, follow the steps below.

1. Download the tryout application by clicking HERE.

2. Complete the Mascot Tryout Application and film the Video Tryout Elements.

3. Load your video to YouTube.

4. E-mail your application and the link to your video to: TerpsMascot@umd.edu.

5. Tryout results will be posted by Monday, October 1 at www.marylandcheerleading.com.

Needed Skills/Attributes

Strong candidates must be responsible and exhibit strong time management skills as he/she will be expected to work events unsupervised.
Candidates should be athletic and in good physical shape.
Candidates must be FUN! We look for charismatic, outgoing individuals.
Candidates must have a free schedule and must be willing to make the mascot program their top priority. Being Testudo is a huge honor and requires a lot of time, dedication, and hard work.

Medical Requirements
Video Submitted Tryouts

*Note - No medical documentation is needed to participate in video submitted tryouts this year.

Video Tryout Elements
Briefly introduce yourself and tell the judges why you want to be Testudo.
Create your own fictional “mascot” (not Testudo) from things that you can find around your house. This costume does not have to be elaborate; just be creative and funny. Come up with a name and a short back-story and persona for your new mascot. Spend 30-60 seconds telling us about your mascot on your video.
Remain in your fictional mascot attire and perform 3 of the 6 possible scenarios below. Each skit should be roughly 45-60 seconds. You may use friends for help. REMINDER, MASCOTS CANNOT SPEAK!

1. Have a friend pose as cameraman for ESPN. Pretend you are coming back from a commercial break and you need to pump up the crowd. Act crazy and get everyone pumped up.
2. Have a friend pose as a small child whose parents want you to take a picture with them, unfortunately the child begins to cry and scream. Calm the kid down and eventually take a picture with them.
3. Pretend you are on center court for player introductions at the beginning of the men’s basketball game against Duke, act accordingly.
4. Pretend another mascot has challenged you to a dance off. Accept their challenge and show us your moves.
5. In the highly unlikely scenario that the Terps are losing, fans begin to become sad and a few even begin to leave. Convince them to stay and make them happy.
6. Describe the plot of The Hangover, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, or The Avengers. You may not speak or make any noise. Do not tell us which movie you pick.

Include any other footage that you would like the judges to see (optional). This could be anything from your previous mascot experience to dance routines to any other footage that demonstrates your creativity.
Load your video to YouTube on the private setting and send the link to: terpsmascot@umd.edu and JLLittle@umd.edu (please note the back-to-back L’s in the e-mail address).
Check results on October 1 at www.marylandcheerleading.com.